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New Moon

“To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under Heaven.”

― Ecclesiastes 3:1

November 10, 2022

Over the last two years, I have proudly advocated on issues affecting children, education, and parental rights. The path to run for IPSD 204 school board was part of that journey in 2021. 

Since launching Awake Illinois - a statewide grassroots coalition - in May 2021, we've empowered communities to get activated on the issues affecting their lives, their liberty, and their pursuit of happiness.

Our efforts are working. 


Schools and education have been ground zero in the fight for liberty and will continue to be as more people get engaged on these issues. 


I began circulating petitions in September to once again run for Indian Prairie School District 204 to advocate for academics over activism in the classroom. I believe our children and schools must transcend party line in these nonpartisan elections. They also deserve the best education that is offered in this wonderful Republic. 


While I garnered all the signatures needed, God is calling me to stay on the path that continues Awake Illinois' statewide advocacy and political action

Thank you for supporting my petition efforts. I am always available to help anyone in IPSD 204 on issues affecting education and parental rights.


Our district can absolutely do better than 58.7% reading proficiency (2019 data). The 11,163 students not reading at grade level in IPSD 204 demand improved leadership at the board level. 

Rather than be a candidate, my time and talents will be put towards philanthropy, civic empowerment, legislative lobbying, and political action for Illinois children, families, and communities. 

We must work together to stop an entire generation of children from being molded - via public schools - into illiterate, sexualized activists. 

Policies matter.

Elections matter.

Your voices matter. 


This Mom isn't stopping for one second.


Shannon Adcock

“Good things come to those who wait,

but only whats left from those who hustle!”

― Abe Lincoln, Acts of the Apostles

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