All the feels

I appreciate that from a young age, I was afforded many leadership opportunities. Going to an all-girls high school on the south side of Chicago allowed a built-in structure of seeing women of all backgrounds in leadership roles. In college, I was actively involved in leadership roles such as my sorority Recruitment Chair and as a Teaching Assistant for classes in my Communication major. I didn't think twice about stepping up to participate in any number of volunteer roles. It continues today with involvement in the PTA, fundraising work, and mission efforts. Volunteerism is what makes our communities truly thrive.

When discerning a run for the IPSD 204 school board, I took time to educate myself on all facets of this important civic duty. Throwing my hat into the ring took deep consideration and being so public on any number of issues takes grit and unwavering commitment.

Regardless of any attempts to reverse-engineer my platform, stances, or social media posts, I am fully invested in this opportunity to run and serve on the board of education. Even when someone attempts the following on a public social media post and makes numerous efforts that are liable for defamation. Fortunately, this type of event is the exception to the rule but warrants awareness nonetheless. Everything that is shared publicly to social media is liable for further dissemination and commentary:

This campaign has been all the feels of running for the nonpartisan office and I am so grateful for the relationships and bridges being built through this journey. Our kids transcend politics and if this past year has taught us anything, it is that we should be calling each other in, rathering than casting each other out. To effectively govern a district of our size, you will not be liked by everyone and you will not vote on a decision with perpetual agreement. This is OK and part of the [unpaid volunteer] job.

Connecting with so many facets of our district has been a privilege and I am excited to continue those efforts. (I will be participating in SIX events this week!) As a mother and community leader, I stand firm in my advocacy, inteGRITy, and resilience. I hope to be an example to not only my three children but to all 27,400 students of our district. Whether you vote for me or not, I look forward to exceeding all expectations as a board of education member!

Onward and upward over the next 4 years!

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