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[This is my last blog post for a while but the site will remain active.]

Last blog post I talked about finding a new voice. As a board of education candidate, I stood up for our district students by advocating for full time access to in-person learning.

That battle was a warm-up.

Nationwide, parents and educators are waking up to the dangers of Critical Race Theory and its radical agenda.

I shared with radio host John Anthony that to see the world as Race vs. Race is a regression:

To demand in the classroom that our children have to identify as victim or oppressor is limiting their potential. It is already happening within IPSD 204 but we are watching and we are taking action.

This advocacy resonates with so many not just in our community but throughout Illinois. We all have a voice and they can't cancel us.

Awake Illinois has launched a Pro-Human movement that embraces free speech, liberty, and advocacy. By partnering with the Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism, Parents Defending Education, Moms For Liberty, and others, we will provide resources on the dangers of the race vs. race worldview, CRT practices, and this regressive philosophy.

The road ahead for our district is still uncertain. The failed leadership is still in place on the board of education and the lawsuit brought on by district parents is casting a large shadow. The allegations of Open Meeting Act violations will be an uphill battle to rebuild any form of trust in the parents of the 27,400+ students.

These parents are left asking:

Will the board finally be transparent?

Will they welcome collaboration with all stakeholders?

Will they serve the students and community in trust as elected officials?

Will my kids be supported in closing the learning gaps from the 2020 school year?

Let us hope.

Meanwhile, I will continue to advocate for causes that will lift up our children and community.

Join me by taking the pledges at and

Read the articles, watch the videos, and share the resources with others.

You too have a voice. Use it. Join the Movement.



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