Today I am launching a "BACK IN 5" campaign to continue the support of choice for IPSD 204 return to full-time in-person learning. I encourage any parents, students, educators, and taxpayers to share this post with the 204 community.

The following email exchange took place Feb. 5, 2021 between a parent and the Illinois State Board of Education. It is very clear that IPSD 204 has the autonomy to have our students BACK IN 5 days a week. Our educators are stretched to the max, our community is pleading for choice, and our students deserve equitable access to optimal modalities of education.

Five reasons to to be BACK IN 5:

1) 204 educators are stretched to the max.

2) 204 parents have to get back to work.

3) 204 students will benefit from consistency.

4) ISBE gives districts autonomy to draft a plan.

5) Mitigation works in school settings.

Are you wanting choice for BACK IN 5? Please let the IPSD 204 board and city Mayor know your thoughts. I hear your voices for choice and hope to be a transparent advocate if elected. Vote April 6th!

Shannon Adcock supports BACK IN 5!

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