Cost-Benefit Analysis

Summary of district 200 (Wheaton) surveillance testing through the week of 2/22:

District 200 tested 12,514 vials from students and staff.

At a cost of $50,000 per week, 11 probable cases of COVID were identified. $400,000 for surveillance testing.

Our students are enduring isolation, fatigue, lost activities, less peer-to-peer engagement, falling grades, and lacking social-emotional development.

What are your thoughts on our own IPSD 204 district choosing to fund this testing initiative?

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Fiscal prudence is something that every candidate should be discussing but they aren't. Rather, buzz words like "listening" and "equity" take center stage. Fluff.

Enrollment is decreasing and academic gaps are increasing. Funds should make their way into the classroom and to the students. Follow the money. Rajesh I plan to advocate for this approach to funding in our district by being prudent in assessing the cost-benefit to each district-wide initiative. VOTE APRIL 6th!

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