Culturally Responsive Teaching, Free Speech, Indoctrination

If you are reading this, here is your homework: EMAIL JCAR, school board members, ISBE members, and the Governor your thoughts on this proposed mandate. Please be respectful and courteous in any communication. We want to be the best representation of our community when appealing to our local and state leaders in order to have positive impact.

The IL teaching standards proposal states teachers should “embrace and encourage progressive viewpoints and perspectives.” Educators and parents, regardless of political viewpoints, should be very concerned about the notion of classrooms being a place of indoctrination versus education.

The Illinois State Board of Education is attempting to fundamentally change public education.

We as parents have no way to access the ISBE leadership (they are not elected), however, local school boards are elected to represent the community. Let our school board members and Superintendent Talley know your thoughts on this proposed mandate and ask that they contact JCAR on behalf of the constituency. Just a simple message, for example, "I am against the proposed Culturally Responsive Teaching mandate". You can also let the Governors office know your thoughts as the Governor has appointed the State of IL Board of Education Superintendent.

Should our State Board of Education be encouraging teachers to be more political in the classroom? What if the State Board of Education decides that "progressive" means instilling evangelical and conservative viewpoints? What if "progressive" is defined as embracing segregation by race in schools? As a parent or certified teacher, are you concerned about the state board of education encouraging politics or divisive topics in the classroom? This mandate could set a dangerous precedent by giving non-elected administrators authority over our children's education.

Illinoisans concerned about this proposed rule can contact members of JCAR (process committee, not policy) to ask them to suspend the rule. (Making a motion for suspension will require a "yes" from JCAR members to relay opposition to the proposal). Make process arguments to the committee (versus policy arguments) and let then know if you think the ISBE is taking away due process of local school boards and elected leaders to determine the best educational policies in our communities.

I as a parent believe this legislation is overstepping the boundaries of our children's education and am letting all the above-mentioned parties know my thoughts.

8 out of 12 JCAR members are required to make a ruling.

The deadline for JCAR is February 16, 2021.


Azita Kakvand Illinois State Board of Education 100 North First Street, Springfield, Il 62777-0001 (217) 782-6510

Members of JCAR

  • – Keith Wheeler

  • – Tom Demmer

  • – Michael Halpin

  • – Frances Ann Hurley

  • – Steve Reick

  • – André Thapedi

  • – Bill Cunningham

  • – John Curran

  • – Kimberly Lightford

  • – Antonio Munoz

  • – Sue Rezin

  • – Don DeWitte

For more information on JCAR and the proposal, watch this discussion below and visit Wirepoints.

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