District Hybrid Choice, Time Lost

July 23, 2020: IPSD Reopened registration with choice of Hybrid or Remote

August 3, 2020: IPSD Special Meeting Announcement of No Hybrid Start; All-District Remote

Based on the DuPage County hospital statistics, the community hospitalizations were at their lowest average in August; the same month that IPSD 204 first cancelled the plan to provide in-person learning.

Arguably, August through November resulted in lost opportunities for IPSD 204 students and educators who wanted to be in-person but were never given the choice. Given mitigation efforts of a controlled environment-i.e. schools-how may IPSD 204 being remote-only have affected the November and December averages? We will never know.

January is showing a steep drop just a week into the new year but not yet as low as in August. How do you interpret this data? Email me at to share your thoughts.

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