Open Letter to IPSD 204

Hello Dr. Talley, IPSD Board Members, District 204 Teachers, and Staff,

As the community eagerly awaits tonight's board meeting, I want to share some comments with this open letter.

Long story, short-"thank you!”. Clearly since August I have been vocal about families having a choice for their students: remote or in-person. (I have been vocal too about our church re-opening; you aren't the only group dealing with me!). Our family appreciates your efforts during this pandemic, even if we disagreed or were disappointed with decisions.

As our kids have begun to hear from teachers regarding the hybrid option, I can tell you they are so very excited. It is a gift to see their enthusiasm for what may be possible in the remaining months of the school year. One parent said to me today, "I am praying that tonight's board meeting doesn't [cancel hybrid plan]". If you have felt your ears ringing, trust that many people are thinking of you all and praying for you.

I am hopeful that given the intensity of the past year (and weeks!), our district and community will move forward together and ensure all of our students are inspired to achieve their greatest potential. Wishing you all the best with tonight's board meeting and with all the preparations for the next phase of hybrid/remote instruction.

Thank you,

Shannon Adcock

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