Pro Human Candidate for BOE

Many of us new to running for our local school boards are pro-human citizens who simply want the best for our communities. Thanks to all of you for going on the ballot.

Over the past months, we have been targeted, defamed, and attacked by machiavellian social media bullies who don't want us to challenge the status quo. While they go low, we go high. Hang in there-just a few more days to go!

I appreciate John Anthony, host of Black and Right, for the opportunity to discuss our pro human beliefs and my candidacy on his show today. Love the sound bite he shared "Two people chillin"; seeing the world as race versus race is a very real existential threat. It will take ALL of us to unite our communities against Critical Race Theory. It is a regression and I will stand against it in being implemented/practiced in our PreK-12 district.

Thanks to all of you who rallied for our kids this past year. No matter what happens on April 6th, we are an unbreakable union of parents and community members. Our advocacy will continue...together! Here is to improved leadership in 2021 and beyond!

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