School Leadership and Covid-19

At the Citizens of Metea town hall, I suggested our district utilize committees to ensure all voices of the community are represented. To get buy-in from all sectors (student body, educators, staff, parents, etc.) is so impactful, especially as we move beyond the pandemic year. What is working? What isn't working? How do we ensure we are adapting and advancing at each level of district education?

This morning I am equal parts disheartened and encouraged by what I witness happening in other PUBLIC school districts around the country. While it is disappointing our district has not been more innovative in its approach to pandemic leadership, I am inspired by what is working in districts that have been proactively collaborating. I hope to be part of that team approach if elected!

Take a look at Public Schools of Brookline, MA. They have the most impressive committee-based approach to pandemic leadership I have read to date. There are two PDFs in this blog that I encourage all of you to read; they aren't long. A few things to note about Brookline before you read them:

• They are actively in the process of hiring a new superintendent; in the midst of pandemic leadership!

• They have a Remote Learning Task Force and FOUR Expert Advisory Panels.

• Their total student body is 7,500 students.

How is it that our district of 27,400 students has not coordinated such an effort? Our community is so involved, highly-educated, and committed. Leverage it, IPSD 204!

The Task Force and Advisory Panel list is just all-around impressive. Doctors, staff, liaisons...everyone is represented. Topics that they've tackled and their discussions are here. Their task force work began in MAY 2020 to effectively plan for the 2020-2021 school year. Well done!

The Evidence of Scientific Consensus PDF references many of the expert publishings that I've been referencing for months (CDC, JAMA) which encourage districts to maximize their in-person learning options. The yellow sections I highlighted are general stand-out references and the pink highlights reference the various measures of social distancing (3 ft, 6ft, etc. ).

After reading these documents, let me know your thoughts on committee-based and task force approaches to school leadership during a pandemic.

If you want to see a collaborative approach to governance, I'm your gal (she/her/whatever/human/mom/dogmom/citizen/candidate/momof3/number3onballot).

Task Force and Advisory Panel Members_10
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Evidence of Scientific Consensus_Reducti
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