Thank you!

What an experience! I am so grateful to the community that fought for our kids these many months. The awareness of our advocacy was hard-earned and will absolutely continue.

To all of you who supported my campaign, voted, and stood for our kids, THANK YOU!

Our family took this journey together. John said this morning that our 3 children got to see their “Mom on a mission”. They saw the cool aspects and the challenging ones. Most importantly, they were able to witness the GOOD people who truly support our community. It’s a gift to them and I’m grateful.

Good luck to the newly established BOE. I pray you will be a voice for the children. Thanks to the candidates for running in this local election.

This site will remain active as I share updates on the continued efforts to support the community. Things are in the works and I’m excited for what lies ahead.

Thank you so much!



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