Thanks to the organizers, law enforcement, attendees from 9 districts, Darren Bailey, Amy Jacobson, Paul Vallas, and local candidates running for school board/community seats who united yesterday for the kids and community. It was a wonderful gathering of invested families and citizens who are advocating for full-time, in-person learning with lunch and activities at our schools. Special thanks to Naperville Central High School senior Zoe Howard, who kicked off the rally with a trumpet performance of "God Bless America".

This April 6th election is so critical to improved transparency and leadership that will affect the strength of our schools, our home values, and most importantly, the access and quality of our kids' education. Rajesh and I speak at 41:11 of the recording. Thanks to NCTV17 for providing live coverage.

"The world changed quickly, but looking at you young faces, we know you are going to change the world."

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