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League of Women Voters Naperville


March 2, 2021 Forum

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Thanks to the LWV Naperville and IPPC for collaborating to hosting the March 2nd forum. Thanks too for coordinating candidate profiles and questionnaire answers (The snapshot of my responses is clearer when referencing the site). Please visit this one-stop-shop for voter information. Register to vote, verify voting status, see who is on your ballot, compare candidates, and save your selections. Just input your address and voila! 

"100 years ago, ordinary women did something extraordinary by banding together for the cause and lifting each other up for advancement. They are now known as suffragists and I'm grateful for their efforts. I, Shannon Adcock, have banded together over the last several months with the community to advocate for students and equitable access to D204 education. It's a privilege to run for the school board. By casting a vote for me-Mother on 3, #3 on the ballot-you can trust I will serve in trust for you, humbly and with integrity on the board of education. Thank you."

-Shannon Adcock

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