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Wall Street Journal editorial attributes school boards and teachers unions for IL failing schools

"There's no way that we can let these officials off the hook for their own decisions to keep the school closed as long as they did. It's just ironic because you have democrats and their progressive allies running many of these school systems, [and] the teacher unions tend to be aligned with them, and they are always stressing the importance of increasing outcomes for poor and minority students and yet now we can see very clearly that the policies that they supported during the pandemic have led to these tragic and perhaps even irreversible outcomes for the students they [claim] to help." -Mene Ukueberuwa, Manhattan Institute

I agree and am prepared to lead with integrity should the community elect me to the Indian Prairie School District 204 Board of Education.

Reacting to the Wall Street Journal editorial, senior fellow at the American Federation for Children Corey DeAngelis told Fox News Digital that "the government school system has become more of a jobs program for adults than an education initiative for kids."

"Illinois now spends more on pensions for adults than everything else combined in K-12 education. Illinois public schools have increased spending per student by 199% since 1970 and are still failing to properly educate children. Chicago Public Schools now spend over $27,000 per student per year", DeAngelis said.

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