Cancel Culture and the Power of Words

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

A week ago, this email exchange took place.

It didn't take long to learn that there was a connection between this individual and existing board members, other candidates, and highly adversarial members of the community. They have been circulating screenshots off my personal FB page and have attempted to politicize this nonpartisan elected role. It was clear the agenda was not information-seeking but rather, cancel-seeking. So, the email conversation came to a close.

Two days later, Fox 32 Chicago reached out to me asking for my side of the story regarding (false) accusations of racism.

Then, a petition was started. It originally stated "Shannon is racist" and after legal threat of libel, was changed to "Shannon does not support CRT". The commentators are entertaining. (Sadly, at the writing of the post, the hundreds-literally hundreds-of comments that questioned this petition have been conveniently deleted. To comment, a "signature" is required.)

Sara doesn't realize that we lived in Arizona for 10 years. We paid $3k in annual property taxes and our oldest attended a classical charter school...for free. Charter schools in AZ actually provide improved academic outcomes for minority students. We now pay $10k+ in property taxes and for the majority of this lost school year, our kids' public schools have been closed to the public. Data shows school closures are disproportionately adversely affecting minorities. I spoke of these concerns during the NAACP forum at 51:10. By advocating for school choice/reopen, I am advocating for all students but especially, minority and ESL students. Ironic to be called "racist".

Karen is a peach. She attempted to cancel me weeks ago. She and the ("non partisan") Naperville League of Women Voters are buddies. (The cancel culture warriors are always the same names in our town. Recruitment is low these days.)

Anne, sorry we have never spoken. I respect all humans. Period.

So, morale of the story:

I don't support CRT.

That does not equal being racist.

People can be gnarly.

Poster from Sunday's "Diversity Rally"

A covert protest was set to take place outside my candidate Meet and Greet event this past Sunday, which was on private property. Once police were notified, they relocated the protest and it became a "Diversity Rally". A handful of participants attended.

This isn't the first time someone has tried to cancel me and many other board candidates in surrounding communities with powerful words.

Good news: They've provided us a plethora of free campaign advertising. Given this disruption on social media that was an attempt to defame my name and disseminate false narrative, this response is at my FB candidate site:

Yesterday, Raj and I spoke at the IPSD Board of Education meeting; last one before election. We are the only candidates who have been attending these meetings (excluding two incumbents). Raj spoke about a reprehensible encounter with a sitting board member. Between this incident and the lawsuit, new leadership is critical.

Considering the many ineptitudes and the pending lawsuit against IPSD 204 (for violations of Open Meetings Act), anyone looking for board members who value transparency and accessibility can vote for Raj and I with confidence. Early voting has started and Voting Day is April 6th!

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